Monthly Archives: April 2018

Fashion Revolution Week!

Fashion Revolution Week marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, where over 1,100 factory workers died. Consumers have the chance to ask “Who made my clothes?” or “Who made my jewelry?” Brands can answer with photos of their artisans and workers. Your Starfish Project jewelry is made by the amazing and incredible women […]

Thank You for Making 12 Years of Starfish Project Possible!

Starfish Project’s 12th Anniversary!! As we reflect on the last 12 years, our Starfish Project family cannot help but think of all the support you, as encouragers, customers, partners, followers, and readers, have given us! We cannot thank you enough for the time, energy, feedback and passion you have given us. Starfish Project has grown […]

Creative Celebrations Over the last 12 years!

In 12 years at Starfish Project, our Outreach Teams have found some very creative ways to form relationships with women working in the red light district. In the first few years, we had every kind of party. We hosted events to celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day- anything to get women into the room to […]


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