7 Fun Activities to Build Connection with Your Kids During COVID-19

*Originally posted on WellWomen Just a week before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) took the world by storm, I was enjoying some holiday reading. Scanning through the Amazon titles, I stumbled across Mandy Arioto’s book, Have More Fun. After a stressful latter half of the year, I was drawn to the title. I needed more fun! I […]

Sanity Saving Indoor Activities

As a self-proclaimed COVID-19 surviving expert (we have been at this for 58 days) I would love to share a few activities our family has played on repeat in the name of sanity during this time. I can say with complete honesty that if you asked me today, 2 months into social distancing and school closures, I am grateful for this time with my family and the connection it has helped us build! There is good to be found here! Let’s discover it.

Li Ya’s Training Ceremony Speech

“After more than half a year’s study, what I feel most is the teachers’ patience and hard work. They try their best to help us improve our understanding and memory, and always encourage us.  In retrospect, when I first came to Starfish, I didn’t know how to read or write and couldn’t express myself. Now […]


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