Update on Cici

Update on Cici CiCi began a two year English training program a few months ago that focuses on speaking, listening, reading and writing. Once she finishes the program, her English level will be at the university admission level for international students. Last week she received her first English training certificate through the course, which means […]

Update on Ning

A few weeks ago Ning started teaching one of our literacy courses! Ning has gone through our vocational training program and excelled in her literacy class. After talking with our Holistic Care Director about her desire to help others learn and reading the course material, they decided Ning was ready to teach others. Our Holistic […]

Good Deed of the Day #15

Good Deed of the Day #15 is to share Starfish Project on ANY social media platform! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest… whichever you prefer! All you have to do is copy and paste Starfish Project’s home page URL into your social media news feed.  Total time: 35 seconds When customers share Starfish Project with friends or […]


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