What do women have with them when they arrive at Starfish Project?

What are the possessions that the women have when they arrive? When women arrive at Starfish Project, they will have anywhere between a small bag with their personal belongings to one suitcase with clothes. What is the welcome heart box we give them? Our Shelters Managers prepare a Welcome Card and Welcome Box for every […]

Back to School Giveaway!

Starfish Project’s Back to School Giveaway!  At Starfish Project, we provide specialized vocational training to help the women develop future careers in fields such as graphic design, photography and accounting.  It’s about time our kids are throwing in their pool towels and all heading back to school, which calls for a GIVEAWAY! We are SO excited to be a part […]

Good Deed of the Day #13

Good Deed of the Day #13 is to share Starfish Project’s page on Facebook. Total time: 13 seconds Our Facebook account is where we share all kinds of stories with our friends. Stories about the women at the shelter, stories about our outreach team, stories about pieces of jewelry, stories about conferences we attend, stories […]

What is the content of the parenting class?

What is the content of the parenting class? The content of the parenting class revolves mostly around the women’s relationships with their husbands and kids. The topics include communication styles, how to be a supportive wife and mom, conflict resolution, and basic health training. The women in our parenting class have a group chat with […]


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