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Introducing #educateHer

#EDUCATEHER At Starfish Project, exploited women experience freedom, establish independence, and develop careers. Every woman has an individual educational plan to meet her individual needs. For the first time, you can give directly to a woman and help #educateHer by providing the tools she needs for exactly where she is in her training. Visit the […]

Update on Ning

A few weeks ago Ning started teaching one of our literacy courses! Ning has gone through our vocational training program and excelled in her literacy class. After talking with our Holistic Care Director about her desire to help others learn and reading the course material, they decided Ning was ready to teach others. Our Holistic […]

Update on Fan

Fan returned from maternity leave a couple weeks ago, and returned to her position as Production Manager with vey little transition time. She is operating in full capacity, and seamlessly! Since she has returned she has taken even greater initiative to improve systems in production. Rebekah, our Country Director said that Fan’s mentality since returning […]

Fashion Revolution Week!

Fashion Revolution Week marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, where over 1,100 factory workers died. Consumers have the chance to ask “Who made my clothes?” or “Who made my jewelry?” Brands can answer with photos of their artisans and workers. Your Starfish Project jewelry is made by the amazing and incredible women […]

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