Celebrating Teachers – Nominate a Great Teacher!


At Starfish Project, teachers are essential to our mission of restoring hope to exploited women. Teachers fill a critical role in helping women establish independence. Learning to read, learning mathematics, and learning to work on a computer are pivotal moments for every woman at Starfish Project. We love the teachers who make this happen! 

We know you have amazing teachers in your communities. We are looking for teachers to celebrate, and we’re collecting your nominations ahead of Teacher Appreciation Week in May. 

Please nominate a great teacher you know and tell us how he or she restores hope to the community. Nominate your child’s school teacher, your piano teacher, your college professor– anyone in a teaching capacity. Whether you’re a student, parent, community member, or colleague, we want to hear about the amazing teachers in your communities. You can submit multiple nominations. Entries will close on March 16. 

We will select ten teachers and feature their stories during Teacher Appreciation Week. They will receive gift worth over $100 from Starfish Project. Every teacher who is nominated will receive something from Starfish Project. 

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Teachers – Nominate a Great Teacher!

  1. Jean Calabrace says:

    I nominate Christina Sichi from the Uniontown, PA school district. She currently teaches ESL from 1st grade to high school.She started out teaching 1st grade and has taught all grades to 4th in the beginning of her career. She adjusts her teaching to each student to make sure they succeed in their learning experience.
    Christina cares about each and every student she has taught.

  2. CAROL TSAIRIS says:

    I recently nominated Miss Roxanne Tsairis for Teacher of The Year Award because she is an “Excellent Teacher” and Very Well Deserving of Her Fine Achievements in preparing the Kindergartners for their most important year of all, which is Promotion to First Grade. She understands their needs and listens and prepares each student Meticulously. What a Gifted and Wonderful Teacher!!

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