CHANG CHANG: My Story of Hope

I was working in the shops when a Starfish outreach team came to see me. It takes 28 hours to get from my hometown to headquarters. I am our Raw Material Inventory Manager. I manage all the components that go into making all the different pieces of jewelry.  Daily, I use the computer and inventory management software to check our inventory levels and make sure the production process goes smoothly. It is hard to pinpoint one specific impactful memory I have had working here because everything has impacted me in different ways. So many staff members have poured into me and have helped me develop professionally and personally. I remember one time I was crying at the shelter, and multiple coworkers came and comforted me. I like the fact that people care about my heart. I previously lived in the shelter for 2 years. Now I live with my family. I loved living in the shelter. It was so much fun. There was always something happening—cooking, games, talking, singing, watching movies. I loved having family style meals with the other women.
I have learned many professional skills since coming to Starfish Project. Before arriving, I had never used a computer.  Now, I use a computer every day for work and I am a certified Microsoft Expert. I have so many opportunities to learn here. I have also taken additional studies in English and math. Again, it hard to say exactly what was my happiest memory, since I have so many happy memories. However, one that stood out to me was one of our business trips. I loved going on business trips to help source materials with Jenny and our Production Director. One time, we were busy meeting suppliers and purchasing materials, but they still took the time to celebrate my birthday and make me feel so special. There was so much food that we were not even able to finish all the dishes. You are not just buying jewelry but giving women real opportunities to grow.  Learn the stories of the people who are making the products you purchase. You will see lives are being changed because you buy Starfish jewelry.

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