CICI: My Story of Hope

When I was young, I was tricked into a brothel by a friend. When I heard about Starfish Project and the opportunities they provided, I decided to work there. I am a single mom and I live in the shelter now.

I have some background in handling raw materials because I used to help manage a materials store. At Starfish Project, my job is to manage all the raw materials and to attend business trips with suppliers. It always makes me really happy when the materials we order come in with no quality problems!

I have learned so much through working here at Starfish Project. Everyone is different, and I believe learning to accept other people’s flaws is very important. I love that everyone gets along with each other, and that I work well with my coworkers. If I have any problems, I feel comfortable seeking their guidance. My coworkers at Starfish Project are kind, help each other grow, and give me sisterly advice!

I am currently studying English! I am taking classes in administration now through Wall Street English training. My goal is to complete all 4 levels of the certification tests through the Wall Street English training.

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