Fall Collection is here!

It is always SO much fun for our team to introduce new jewelry. Of course we think the new pieces are all beautiful! However, the real reason we get so excited is because EVERY single one of these new pieces was sourced, assembled, packaged, and photographed by a woman who was once trapped in exploitation, but is now experiencing freedom at Starfish Project. It never ceases to amaze us. The hands that held this jewelry are establishing independence and developing careers with each piece they design, bracelet they assemble, or photograph they take.

Each time we release new jewelry, Starfish Project reaches a new group of customers who provide more opportunities for exploited women to experience freedom. When you share our jewelry with your friends and family, you help us reach new customers. Without new customers, we wouldn’t have the resources needed to consistently meet with women outside of Starfish Project. Thank you for partnering with us and restoring hope. Enjoy the Fall Collection!

Your purchase creates opportunities for our women to develop careers at Starfish Project. We love when you share our new (or old!) collections with friends and family! Because of your purchase, the women at Starfish Project are breaking the cycle of poverty in their families. We couldn’t do this without you. Shop the Fall Collection now! 

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