At Starfish Project, we want to accommodate our customers in the easiest and most helpful way possible! We cannot thank you enough for partnering with us to help women and girls experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers. Please contact us further at customer.service@starfishproject.com if your question is not answered below.

Are Starfish products hypoallergenic??

All Starfish Project pieces are lead free! Many of our products are gold-plated, sterling silver, stainless steel or made with nickel free metals. 

Where do you deliver?

Everywhere! We offer worldwide shipping. 

What forms of payment does Starfish Project accept?
We accept any credit cards, as well as PayPal! 
Do I have to pay sales tax on my Starfish Project order?
Yes, all regular customers must pay sales tax. If you are a retail partner, you can submit a reseller’s certificate or FEIN to be exempt from sales tax! 
How can I cancel or modify my order?
The good news is that you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return Starfish Project jewelry for ANY reason! However, once you have submitted your order, we cannot cancel or modify it. Email us ASAP at customer.service@starfishproject.com and we will try our best to accommodate any changes.

How much does shipping and handling cost?

For all of our general customers in the United States, we charge a $6.00 shipping fee. No matter how large your order is, it will always be $6.00, so go ahead and add another necklace or pair of earrings to your order! For our international customers, don’t worry; we ship to you too! We charge a $10 USD shipping fee for Canadian orders and a $20 shipping fee for international orders, worldwide.

Retail Partners, thank you for considering featuring our jewelry in your stores! When you place a wholesale order online, we ship from our fulfillment center in the United States within 1-2 business days. We have no minimum order requirements. For retail partners in the United States, we charge a $20.00 flat rate shipping fee. For international retail partners placing orders online, we charge a $40.00 flat rate shipping fee, no matter how large your order is.


How do I use a coupon code?

We LOVE giving you guys coupon codes, so stay tuned into our Instagram stories and emails for future coupons! If you’re having trouble figuring out how to use your coupon code, we can help you! After adding pieces to your shopping cart, click on “view cart,” then enter the coupon code in the box under “coupon.” After clicking “apply coupon,” you should have a new total balance. 

How long will it take between ordering my Starfish Project jewelry and the package arriving at my doorstep?
We will ship your jewelry within 1-2 business days.

USA Customers: Your orders are sent out via USPS First-Class Mail. Estimated delivery is 3-7 business days. We do not have tracking numbers for our First-Class Mail.

Canada & International Customers: Your orders are sent out via First-Class Package International Service. Estimated delivery is 7-14 business days, depending on customs. All international shipments come with a tracking number. Please click on the tracking number to check its progress.

What if I did not receive an email confirmation for my order?

We want to be sure that every customer receives a confirmation email after purchasing jewelry from Starfish Project! If you did not receive an email confirmation, please email Customer Service at customer.service@starfishproject.com with your first and last name and we will get back to you.

How will my Starfish Project purchase arrive?
Your purchase will arrive in our unique Starfish Project packaging, so if you’re gifting Starfish Project jewelry, you’re in good shape! Depending on how large the pieces are, your jewelry will be delivered either in one of three sized Starfish Project boxes. A few of our pieces come in Starfish Project plastic packaging. You will also receive a note from the woman who made your jewelry inside the packaging! 
What is Starfish Project's return policy?

You can return jewelry for 30 days from the date of purchase for any reason. Returns will be credited in the same form as the original payment type. You do have to pay shipping and handling charges for returns. Please make sure to include your invoice in return package and the original jewelry packaging. Our address for returns is Starfish Project, 118 S. Main St. Suite 2, Goshen IN 46526.

How do I return a Starfish Project item?

If you’d like to return your jewelry, we accept returns for ANY reason up to 30 days after the purchase date. Mail us your jewelry in its original packaging and your invoice to the address below:

Starfish Project

118 S. Main St. Suite 2

Goshen, IN 46526

Returns will be credited in the same form as the original payment type! If you can’t find your invoice from the package you got from us in the mail, please just include your order number and information when you mail back your jewelry.

We are so sorry if your jewelry broke!! If jewelry breaks with a year of purchase, we will replace it. If the broken piece is out of stock, we will credit you a gift certificate for the same amount.

What if Starfish Project jewelry is delivered broken?
Please let us know if you open your Starfish Project box to find broken jewelry! We would be happy to send you another piece, and if that piece is out of stock we will send a gift certificate for another item. Email customer.service@starfishproject.com with your order information and let us know about the broken piece.
What if a piece is missing from my order or I got the wrong item?
Oh no! We will definitely fix that. Email customer.service@starfishproject.com with your order information and let us know about the problem.
Can I change my shipping address on my order?
We will try! Email customer.service@starfishproject.com with your information. We try to accommodate all requests like this, but our shipping volunteers may have already sent out your order. They are usually very speedy! We will do our best to change your address and let you know via email.
Can I cancel my order?
We will try! Email customer.service@starfishproject.com with your information. We try to accommodate cancellation requests like this, but our shipping volunteers may have already sent out your order. They are usually very speedy! Email us ASAP and we will let you know via email. If we can’t cancel it, you can return it within our 30 day return policy!
Does Starfish Project restock all its pieces?
We restock pieces based on customer demand, material availability, and other factors. We LOVE restocking Starfish Project pieces, because it means that you guys have bought them all! When you see a piece that is out of stock, there is usually a button that says “Join Waitlist”; you can sign up there to be notified if it gets restocked.
Can I buy wholesale?
Wholesale pricing is open to all Retail Partners!
Can I order a Starfish Project gift card?
Yes! When you gift Starfish Project jewelry, you are sharing these women’s stories of hope! We would LOVE for you to purchase a gift card for a friend or family member! Just type in gift card in the search box on the website, and fill out the information accordingly!
How can I/we become a Retail Partner?
We love our Retail Partners! For businesses interested in selling our products, you can submit your information and Business License / Reseller Certificate on our “Become a Retailer” page.

What is Starfish Project's mission?

Starfish Project offers a dignified job and a holistic care program to trafficked women in Asia. You can learn more on Our Mission page.

How many women and girls does Starfish Project serve?

We currently employ over 35 women between the two branches! Starfish Project provides education, medical and emotional care to dozens more women who are still living in the brothels.

What types of vocational training do the women receive while working with Starfish Project?

All the women who work for Starfish Project receive on-the-job training in jewelry production! Most women are promoted into other roles at Starfish Project, including photography, design, records maintenance, inventory management, and other management positions. Outside of their day jobs, every woman has the opportunity to take computer classes and receive certification in Microsoft Word and Excel. Some women pursue more classes in accounting, photography, graphic design and even banking! We want our employees to be ready for the job market when they leave, and our vocational training prepares them well for future careers.

When Starfish Project offers them a way out, why don't more women leave right away?

Many of the women we meet have been tricked into working in the brothels and it takes time for us to gain their trust. We have also found that, due to the emotional and physical abuse they have experienced, many of the women do not think it is possible to change their lives. They are often bound by a sense of shame and have resigned themselves to a life without hope.

How old are the women who come to Starfish Project?

Most of the women who have come to work at Starfish Project are 18-25, although we have some in their 30s and 40s. We have met girls in the brothels as young as 12 years old.

How long do women typically stay in the Starfish Project shelter?

Our standard program is two years. After two years, we offer a housing allowance to empower the women to live independently and take greater responsibility for their life. Starfish Project is committed to long-term, ongoing employment for every woman, so we offer continued employment after they move out of the shelter. Every woman’s situation can vary according to her needs, but that is our typical track.

Where do the profits of Starfish Project jewelry sales go?

All the revenue from jewelry sales goes back to our mission of restoring hope to trafficked women! We are a 501c3 and all funds help provide our holistic care programs and vocational programs.

Does the Starfish Project receive any funding from any other sources besides the profits from jewelry sales?

We have incredibly generous donors whose gifts allow us to rescue women from exploitative situations. Sales from our jewelry fund a large portion of our programs, but we rely on donors to make our full holistic care program possible. Starfish Project has been vetted and received generous support from the Kering Foundation, Geneva Global, The Sparrow Charitable Foundation, Ten Talents, First Fruits, World Vision and so many wonderful individual donors. You can join too! Your gift will directly impact the lives of trafficked women.

Why doesn't Starfish Project reveal where they are specifically located?

In order to protect the women we work with and the sensitivity of the issue of exploitation, we are not able to disclose our location.

How can I become part of the Starfish Project family and help trafficked women?

We are so excited you want to help, and there are so many options! When you buy our jewelry and tell our story, you become a critical part of our women’s Stories of Hope. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well.

I want to host a party, sign up for a consignment box, or sell your products through Direct Sales. How can I do that?
We no longer offer in-home parties, consignment boxes, or Direct Sales. We have grown so much in the past couple years that we can only manage our online sales and Retail Partner sales. Our online sales are growing and supporting the women in Asia!
Who can I contact for further questions?
We would love to answer any other questions that you have! Feel free to contact us at customer.service@starfishproject.com if we did not answer your question above!