FAY: My Story of Hope

I grew up in a poor village in the countryside with my parents and my older brother. When I was in high school, I had to drop out before earning my diploma. Then, I was trafficked into a brothel by a relative. I was only a teenager at the time. While I was working in the brothel, I was incredibly depressed, alone and without any hope. I was not sure if I would survive working there much longer. One day, Starfish Project outreach teams met me in the brothels and offered me a way out through their company.

I started working in jewelry production at Starfish Project and worked my way up quickly. Eventually, I started managing the Finished Product Room and started selling Starfish Project jewelry at events and bazaars in our headquarters city. During this time, I also went through Starfish Project’s vocational training program. I took English and computer classes, and received professional certifications in Microsoft Word and Excel. Once I completed the computer training program, Starfish Project supported my accounting training at a local school. I studied really hard, passed my accounting certification test, and am now working as the accounting assistant at Starfish Project. It meant a lot to have the Starfish staff recognize my potential. I love learning new skills. I am so grateful for the new opportunities studying accounting has provided.

Having the opportunity to study at Starfish Project has been very significant for me. I was nervous when I started studying accounting but everyone at Starfish Project was so encouraging and supportive. I work side-by-side with Starfish Project’s accountant, who has over 20 years of experience in the field. She mentors me daily, and I have learned so much from working alongside her. I am also studying for my Bachelor’s Degree and am pursuing my dream to be an accountant.

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