When Fay was a teenager she had to drop out of school and was trafficked to a brothel by a relative. After coming to Starfish Project, she has had the opportunity to study, heal and grow. Today, Fay is our Accounting Assistant and is studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in English.

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When Mae Lee was 15 she was trafficked to Greece and lived there for 6 years. When she was repatriated, she came to work at Starfish Project on our production team. Today, Mae Lee is our Finished Products Inventory Manager and is studying Greek. Her dream is to one day return to Greece and work as a translator.



June comes from a minority group and from an abusive home, so she was at a high risk for being trafficked. She came to work at Starfish Project in 2013, and has excelled in her various roles. Today, June is studying photography and is responsible for taking the product photos on our website.