Good Deed for the Day #1

Good Deed of the Day #1 is to repin any of our photos on Pinterest! Pick any picture at this link and repin it to one of your own boards. 

Total time: 18 seconds

click here to do your Good Deed for the Day

When you repin our Pinterest pins, they are shown to an even wider audience on Pinterest. Over 20,000 people see our pins each month, and they become website visitors who buy jewelry and share our story. Because you repin our photos, we are able to grow the Starfish Project family and support more women to experience freedom at Starfish Project. 

Good Deed of the Day is an opportunity to do something to support Starfish Project in two minutes or less. We provide Good Deeds of the Day for people who want to meaningfully support Starfish Project however they can, from wherever they are, with the resources they have! Thank you for doing your Good Deed of the Day for Starfish Project. 

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