Good Deed of the Day #17

Good Deed of the Day #17 is to write a review on a piece of Starfish Project jewelry you own! 

Total time: 15-120 seconds (depends on how fast you can type!)

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When you write honest reviews on our jewelry, a new customer might read it and decide to join the Starfish Project family! When new friends start buying our jewelry, they begin creating more opportunities for exploited women to experience freedom. Each purchase of Starfish Project jewelry provides counseling, safe housing, education, food, and healthcare for women who once lived in the red light district. By writing reviews, you are inviting others to purchase our jewelry too. Your reviews and purchases restore hope. 

Good Deed of the Day is an opportunity to do something to support Starfish Project in two minutes or less. We provide Good Deeds of the Day for people who want to meaningfully support Starfish Project however they can, from wherever they are, with the resources they have! Thank you for doing your Good Deed of the Day for Starfish Project. 

One thought on “Good Deed of the Day #17

  1. Viki says:

    I really like wearing the starfish necklace because it reminds me of what a great gift this organization is sharing with these exploited women. It builds self esteem and confidence by teaching them a trade they can use for life to sustain their families and help them feel accomplished. It’s amazing to hear about the impact this has made on their lives. Plus when I wear it and people ask me about it I share the opportunities Starfish has given these women by purchasing a piece of fashionable jewelry. Thank you Starfish for great job you are doing to impact so many lives!!

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