Good Deed of the Day #18

Good Deed of the Day #18 is to tag a friend in a comment on our Instagram

Total time: 23 seconds 

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When you tag friends in starfish_project Instagram posts, you are inviting new customers into the Starfish Project family. New customers provide new opportunities for exploited women to experience freedom. Without new customers, we wouldn’t have the resources to do outreach in the red light district. Tagging friends in Instagrams is a great way to not only share our jewelry with new customers, but also to share fun updates, exclusive coupon codes, giveaways, recommendations, good deeds of the day, and ways you can volunteer. We use certain social media platforms to share Starfish Project’s inside scoop, both here in the United States and overseas. With each new friend you share Starfish Project’s mission with, new women in our shelter are establishing independence and developing careers. 

Good Deed of the Day is an opportunity to do something to support Starfish Project in two minutes or less. We provide Good Deeds of the Day for people who want to meaningfully support Starfish Project however they can, from wherever they are, with the resources they have! Thank you for doing your Good Deed of the Day for Starfish Project. 

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