Jobs and Volunteers


Starfish Project has a limited number of paid staff positions in its US and Asia offices. These positions usually require a certain level of professional experience, plus a full-time (40 hours/week) commitment of at least 2 years.



There are several opportunities to volunteer with Starfish Project. In Asia, there are a wide-range of possibilities: working with Community Services, representing Starfish at bazaars selling jewelry, working on smaller projects, teaching workshops in your area of expertise or interest, etc. There are also opportunities to volunteer in the US office depending on our current needs. One significant way to contribute your time is by engaging with us on social media so that more people can learn about Starfish Project. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are all great venues where people learn about us for the first time. If you follow our accounts and comment, tag, post, or pin about Starfish Project, you can contribute to our work on a day-to-day basis!


Fellowships are for people with a deep-rooted passion for using their talents and abilities to restore hope through the practical method of developing a thriving social enterprise. Both challenging and rewarding, the fellowships demand full-time commitment (40 hours/week) for a minimum of one year, and are ideal for anyone interested in taking their commitment for social change to the next level. Fellowships are only available at Starfish’s Asia offices, and require you to raise your own support as Starfish Project is unable to provide financial compensation.


Internships are a great way for students or recent graduates to use their knowledge, skills and talents to help restore hope to exploited women, and to gain an insight into the everyday workings of a social enterprise, as well as the nonprofit sector. Starfish Project accepts applications throughout the year; please contact us to see what openings are currently available.

Want more information? Send an email to and we will be in touch with you about how you can get involved!