JUNE: My Story of Hope

I was abused both at home and by my boyfriend. Because I was a minority, and because I was being abused, I was at a very high risk of being trafficked. However, a friend who worked for Starfish introduced me to the company before things got worse, and I have been working here ever since.

Today, I am our product photographer! I am studying photography from our professional on staff, Luke Cleland. I am responsible for taking nearly all of the product photos that are posted on our website or sent to our customers. I have even started teaching some of the other women at Starfish Project product photography!

My professional and technical skills have greatly improved since I joined Starfish Project. I have developed my photography skills a lot over the last year. When I started taking pictures, I did not know how to properly use light or edit my pictures. Now, I am being mentored by a professional photographer, and my photographs are being used in our marketing materials. I am able to work independently and teach other women in the office how to take good pictures. Some of my favorite memories at Starfish Project have been learning and growing in my different vocational training classes.

One thing I appreciate about Starfish Project is that the support staff knows how to help us discover our potential and fulfill our dreams. Our relationships with each other are not forced because we naturally form a strong bond and connection! We are surrounded by loving and supportive leaders, and that causes all of the employees to be loving and supportive too. We are friends with our bosses and, because of this, we can comfortably share our experiences and thoughts with them.

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