Let’s Play Quarantine Bingo!

Now that you’re becoming a COVID-19 quarantine expert, join us in a round of Quarantine Bingo created by our team here at Starfish Project!

Who has Bingo? Send us your selfie and a completed Bingo line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) and we’ll send you a $19 voucher for those days you need a little retail therapy.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Play Quarantine Bingo!

  1. Maddie says:

    This was such a sweet idea! It was so fun to do. Thank you, and can’t wait to receive my voucher and shop! 💗

      • Maddie says:

        I participated in bingo via instagram but did not have any jewelry to post a selfie in. Does this disqualify me from the voucher? Thank you! Hope you all are staying safe!

  2. Toria says:

    Happy Tuesday!
    To play Bingo, are we just suppose to put any object (say coins) over the one we’ve done and then take a picture of it and a selfie email it to y’all?

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