LYN: My Story of Hope

I used to work at a kindergarten because I love kids so much. During my first year at this job, I met a man who ended up being my first love. I quit my job so that I could move with him to another city, but we moved again when we ran out of money. When we arrived, my boyfriend asked me to work at a massage shop. I initially refused because I knew it wasn’t right, but I ended up working there because I loved him and because we needed the money. One day, one of the production team members at Starfish Project, who used to be a massage shop owner herself, visited me because she heard I was sick. She told me about the organization and invited me to join. I came and decided to stay. I am now the Finished Products Manager at the Riverside Branch and have passed the Microsoft Word and Excel certification exams. Now, I am hoping to further develop my career by studying English. My ultimate desire is to help and serve others, and I know I can do that by establishing my independence and experiencing freedom.

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