Meet Virginia Hawkins, Chief Strategy Officer at Starfish Project

Virginia Hawkins, Jenny McGee, and Luke Cleland in Asia


Meet Virginia Hawkins, our Chief Strategy Officer! Virginia oversees the USA side of our jewelry business. After living in Asia and volunteering at Starfish Project, she joined our team full time in January 2016. You can find her being overly enthusiastic on Starfish Project’s Instastories, playing with her dog Scout, and trying to be the best aunt to her six nieces and nephews.


What do you do at Starfish Project?

I feel so grateful that I get to oversee our sales and marketing in the USA. I manage our social media, sales and promotions, and customer relationships. It is amazing to get to build relationships with people all across the Starfish Project community and see people all over the globe making a difference to our women. Every thing I do each day means that more women get to experience freedom at Starfish Project. That means even my Excel spreadsheets and silly Instastories are making a difference to the women at Starfish Project.

Lots of Instastories with Virginia…

What has been the most meaningful experience for you at Starfish Project so far?

I took several guests to see our Asia office, where we got to listen to three women tell their stories. Hearing these stories is really heartbreaking. The women were so brave and told these terrible stories that ended with incredible hope. I felt so moved that Starfish Project had given them a place to experience real freedom. I loved watching the other visitors hear their stories and ask themselves, “What can I do to be a part of these stories of hope?” Those visitors have turned into some of our biggest supporters. It is so beautiful to see people connect with our women and leap into action. I also loved launching the Stories of Hope pages because people can connect with the women at Starfish Project from anywhere in the world! 

What do you love most about the Starfish Project community?

I am blown away by our amazing community and how all of you help restore hope to trafficked women.  Hundreds of people buy jewelry and share our story every year. A 50 year old businessman has a call with me every month to mentor me in business. A retired librarian in Arizona writes thank you notes to our customers. A high school girl interns for me and pins all of our influencer photos on Pinterest. A group of calligraphers donates their work to spread the word. Our Instagram followers give input on jewelry designs.  I love that our community cares deeply about the women at Starfish Project and helps in the ways they can from where they are.  

What are your jewelry picks for….

Your mom?  Well, my mom is very petite and pretty conservative when it comes to jewelry. I like something simple for her, so I would go with the Madelyn bar necklace!

Your sister?  My sister is always a step ahead of me, texting me the moment new jewelry comes out with her picks! She likes the Kyra and Natalie earrings. I will be getting her the Abigail and Chandler, which come out in November and are named for her two oldest daughters!

Your girlfriends?  I haven’t met someone who doesn’t love the Natalie earrings. The Layla Gold Cross necklace is a go-to gift for me. I also love the Kai ring!

Yourself?  I get to grab one of everything each season, so this is almost impossible for me! Currently, my favorite is the Katherine necklace or the Scout earrings (which are named for my pup!).

Shop Virginia’s favorites here:

Madelyn-Gold; Bar Necklace


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