MINGHUA: My Story of Hope

My parents did not pay much attention to me as a child because they thought I had mental disorders. They called me terrible names and sent me to live with my grandmother. Because of this, I believed my parents and thought I was worthless, unlovable and stupid. When I was in middle school, I dropped out and moved to a big city to look for work.

A friend brought me to a Karaoke Television bar when I was 22. When I first started, I only drank alcohol with the customers, but I was dealing with depression and didn’t think it was healthy to drink every day. Thankfully, another friend who worked at Starfish Project introduced me to the company.

When I first joined, I was very shy ‒ so shy that I couldn’t speak to others. My low self-esteem from my childhood still burdened me, but Starfish Project helped me heal and grow.

Now I want to to speak, to write, and give speeches in front of others, and I’m working towards achieving these goals.

My coworkers say nice things about me, that I shine bright. Their support helps me grow and improve as my branch’s Materials Manager. Through Starfish Project, I am developing my career through leadership opportunities and am establishing my independence and experiencing freedom.

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