NAN: My Story of Hope

Our outreach team leader Zi Yun met me in my shop on an outreach trip. I then began working at Starfish in Production. Right now, I am shadowing our Material Inventory Manager. She is teaching me how to manage our raw materials in inventory. I like all aspects of living in the shelter. When I am in trouble, I first go to my roommates at the shelter. Our shelter manager does a great job supporting us. She is like a mom to all of us and is always available to give comfort or encouragement when we really need it. I love the food we get to eat at the shelter. We each take turns cooking, so I get to eat specialty dishes from across the country without having to leave home. Everything that has happened since joining Starfish has been all my happiest memories here. I am so glad I can study. I have many opportunities here and I am so grateful to have the chance to take advantage of them. I also am grateful for my coworkers who encourage me to work hard everyday and achieve my dreams. I feel like my personality has changed since arriving at Starfish. Before, I used to get into many fights with my family and my husband. It was hard to keep peace between us. Now, I have learned how to communicate better. We have improved our relationship and can actually enjoy each other’s company. Thank you to those who support Starfish Project. With your support, women would not have the opportunities to grow. Our company supports us and gives us so many growth and development opportunities. Thank you for partnering with us!

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