PAN: My Story of Hope

Several years ago, I worked in one of my country’s southern cities. I met a man there who happened to be from the same village. We fell in love, moved back to our hometown, and got married. I got pregnant shortly after our wedding day, but it was around this time that my husband started cheating on me with my cousin. They ran away together, but when I was almost ready to give birth, my husband came came back and asked me if he could have me and my cousin as his wives. I said no. After I gave birth to my daughter, he asked for a divorce, which we got a year later. I was very embarrassed by the whole situation, so I moved to another city. I worked in many different jobs, but I became desperate to make money for my daughter and myself. I ended up working at a massage shop, and stayed there for over ten years before I met the Starfish Project team. Although I have only been at the project for a short time, I am working hard to better provide for my daughter. I have started a basic computer course offered here and am excited to see how my career develops from here. I am now in my forties, but I know that now is the time for me to establish independence for me and my daughter, so that we can experience freedom.

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