The Beloved Gift Set

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Our Beloved Gift Set features our 14K gold plated Beloved Gold Bar Necklace beautifully paired with our Shine necklace, studs and two-stone bracelet in translucent crystal stones! As Ping shared, “With just the slightest flicker of light the Shine stone comes alive- it multiplies the light. In the sunlight, it bursts with light, hope, and love.” She’ll love layering the Beloved Gold Bar Necklace with the natural shimmer of the wear-with-everything shine stone necklace, bracelet and studs. This set can do it all - she can layer the necklaces, wear each alone or don all the shine stones for a light and eye-catching look that she’s sure to love! Gift the Shine Gift Set to your mom, sister, bestie- anyone who reminds you to shine! 

Every Gift Set arrives ready to gift, lovingly wrapped in our exclusive pink gift bag, and individually packaged in our new colorful gift boxes. Inside each box, she’ll discover a Story of Hope of a life changed by your purchase.

Included in this gorgeous set:

The Beloved Gold Bar Necklace

The Shine Necklace in Daybreak

The  Shine Earrings in Daybreak

The  Shine Two-Stone Cuff in Daybreak

A colorful signature Starfish Project box for each product

A Story of Hope impact pamphlet with each product

One new exclusive pink gift bag 

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Jewelry Value: $182.96