RURU: My Story of Hope

I was born and raised in a poor village. I did not like school because I had a hard time understanding my teachers, and my parents didn’t pay attention to me anyway, so I dropped out. I left home and found a job through my friend’s relatives. I made clothes but the salary was very low and the job was tiring. My family found me and brought me back home. They said I had to go back to school, but I didn’t want to. My parents let me leave home again. This time, I met a man who tricked me and trafficked me into a bathhouse for men. I was locked in there and forced to entertain guests. I tried to escape but failed; each time I tried they would beat me with a belt or hit me against a wall. I was 16 years old. Another girl and I were finally able to escape to another city. I found a job as a waitress but like my sewing job, the pay was low and the work tiring. I returned to working in a brothel, which is where I met Starfish Project’s Community Services Manager. I was very sick, so the manager took me into her own home and took care of me. Once I was better, I officially joined Starfish, where I work in production. Since coming here, I have received my Microsoft Word certification, and I am eager to develop my career so that I can become the assistant to our Holistic Care or Branch Managers. Now I meet with our Holistic Care Manager every other week so that I can continue working on establishing my independence and experiencing freedom.

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