Stories of Hope


Xiao Hui is our resident chef who loves cooking spicy fish for her friends. One of the first women to join Starfish Project, she previously worked for an abusive brothel owner and was constantly surrounded by violence. At Starfish Project, she enjoys a healthy work environment where people are kind and respectful. She has learned that people can be honest and has made real friendships.

Xiao Hui loves that her coworkers at Starfish Project celebrate her life and achievements. Before joining Starfish Project, she never had a birthday party or was celebrated as an individual. Now her birthday is celebrated each year, along with her personal and professional development.

She recently earned her Microsoft Word certification and is currently taking Microsoft Excel and literacy classes. We cannot wait for her to complete this class so we can throw a big party to celebrate her achievements!


Fei Fei and Mei Li are driven women. When they set their mind to something, they achieve it. In the short time they have worked at Starfish Project, they have both received promotions and advanced in the company.

Fei Fei recently became a certified accounting assistant and works directly with our finance director. She loves creating budgets and learning something new each day.

Mei Li is our new stock room manager. She is currently taking Microsoft Excel, literacy and English classes. Mei Li never imagined she would work at a company that would allow her to develop a career. She is excited that Starfish Project provides opportunities for her to grow.

Both Fei Fei and Mei Li love the family feel in our office. Their coworkers are genuinely interested in their lives and check in during difficult times. At Starfish Project, they feel known, loved, and supported.


Xiao Ning is the proud mother of two children, aged 6 and 4. She loves spending time with her kids by cooking together, dancing, and making up stories. Xiao Ning is very proud of the fact that she is a mother and is raising two healthy children. With both of her pregnancies, she was pressured by relatives not to expand her family. Now, she is thankful that she went through with her pregnancies and finds her job as a mother so rewarding.

Starfish Project has provided Xiao Ning with a stable job and the ability to raise her children. She has learned how to create healthy relationships and handle disagreements.

At Starfish Project, Xiao Ning has a supportive community encouraging her in her role as a mother. Starfish Project provides educational scholarships so that her children can attend a local school.

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of the women we work with.