ZEE: My Story of Hope

I was born into a very poor family. When I was little, my parents died so my older sister and I were raised by our grandparents. I dropped out of school before I graduated from primary school because I couldn’t understand my teachers and my family did not have enough money. I began working on farms instead and my uncle worked to support us. However, he got into a car accident and had so many medical bills that he could no longer help us. At this point, I took on the burden of supporting my family, myself.

When I was sixteen, I met a man who said he had a job for me that would make a lot of money. I believed him and moved to a city with him. When I arrived, he left me in a massage parlor and when I tried to run away they would find me and beat me. Then, Starfish Project stepped in.

At this point, I had been working in the shops for several years so my boss believed I wouldn’t try to run away again. I left the shops and came to Starfish Project and I have been working on the production team ever since. I have learned how to read and write and have received my Microsoft Word Certification. The skills I have gained at Starfish Project have helped me become more confident and willing to express myself with my loved ones. I am excited to continue developing my career so that I can establish my independence and experience freedom.

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