ZONGYING: My Story of Hope

I was born in a village, and since my father worked in a coal mine, my mother took care of my brother and me by herself. On top of this, I found out that I wasn’t my parents’ biological child, so I hated myself and became emotionally closed off. In middle school, I dropped out and started looking for a job. A classmate offered me one in a Karaoke Television bar, and since I didn’t know what it entailed, I accepted. But after being raped by a customer, I left and joined my cousin at Starfish Project. I began working on the production line, but then my Holistic Care Manager asked if I wanted to become an accounting assistant. After saying yes, our staff trained and sent me to a nearby accounting school 4 times a week. I passed the initial certification exam and my goal now is to earn a bachelor’s degree and become a Certified Public Accountant, the most qualified kind. Before coming to Starfish Project, I didn’t have any life goals. But after coming, I have developed career goals and feel loved, recognized, and cared for. I have established my independence and am now experiencing freedom.

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