Dream Come True– The Starfish Project Veil

It's a dream come true! We've just launched our first-ever Starfish Project wedding veil. Our whole team, who may have tried on the first prototype and floated around the office one after the other, is over the moon with excitement. Yet, no one is more excited than Mae.

Mae joined Starfish Project years ago with the dream to study. She shared, “As a child, I remember standing outside the school gate crying because I longed to learn like my brothers. My parents forbade me from going to school because they thought it was a waste of time and money for girls to be educated.

With no education and no options in my poor village, I was exploited into a brothel, where I stayed until I met a Starfish Project Outreach Team. Now, my dream of studying has actually come true! I never thought I would have the chance, especially at my age. Since joining Starfish Project, I have learned how to read and write through classes they provide.”

“Now, my dream of studying has actually come true!” -Mae

Now Mae works closely with Jenny, the Starfish Project Founder and CEO, making prototypes and samples for all of our jewelry and now a veil! Mae delighted in learning to map out the pattern, cut the luxe tulle, and even took the first prototype home with her to try sewing on the satin ribbon trim. When she returned to the office the next day, she was proud of her excellent workmanship, and so were we! It is stunning, timeless, and modern!

We can't wait for you to experience the magic of this veil on your special day. When you choose to purchase your veil from Starfish Project, you are helping more women survivors, like Mae, experience freedom and find their happily ever after as you begin yours!

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