Meet Desmond, Our COVID-19 Hero

Allow us to introduce you to Desmond, a real life hero and the spark that began our medical supply call to action.

Desmond is part of the Starfish Project family by way of being the wonderful husband to our US Operations Manager, Stefanie. Stefanie and Desmond both dedicate their days and work to helping those in need of hope. Stefanie does so right here at Starfish Project, and Desmond does so as a nurse in a local clinic in Indiana.

As COVID-19 begin taking America by storm, Desmond and his colleagues (like so many of our frontline responders) went to work serving his community without adequate protective equipment to keep him safe in his job. Yet he continued showing up and serving those in need. That’s a real life hero! We, like Stefanie, are so proud and incredibly thankful for him. Our gratitude pushed us into action.

In times of a global pandemic, the most we can do is use what we have to try and make a difference. We may not have tens of thousands of dollars, but Starfish Project has jewelry, beautiful jewelry made by the incredible women whom have come to work with us. So this week, we want to sell as much jewelry as possible to support Desmond and the many medical workers like him by providing the protective medical equipment they need to fight COVID-19 safely.

Now through April 7th, 30% of all Starfish Project sales will go to purchasing medical supplies for the frontline workers in America. In partnership with Americares, we will provide masks, gowns and disinfectant supplies which are critical to decreasing the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for your on-going partnership with Starfish Project. Thank you for the hope you offer us as a community during this time.