3 Ways to Find Connection While Social Distancing

In our experience, finding real connection during isolation is incredibly restorative. It breathes new life into every part of us. We need it more than we really understand. More than we seek it out individually. I love how being in community, even virtually, continually calls us toward connection during this time.

Today we spent 3 hours with a woman who has been living in the brothel where she works alone for 52 days. In order to save on costs, the bosses have turned off the heat and the electricity. She has electricity in one room (still no heat) which allows her to boil water and charge her phone to watch TV.

She uses a bike chain to lock the door from the inside for safety and to let anyone looking in know someone is inside to prevent break-ins. Due to the virus, she is afraid to even go outside.

She’s not “working” so she’s not getting paid. Fear of sickness and lack of opportunity has her stuck right where she is…alone. This weekend both our friend in the brothel and our team have been filled with wonderful results from our visit today. We’ve been texting all weekend long. This afternoon we delivered chocolates, fruit, a package of masks, and a jacket. And she prepared a feast for us of bottomless fresh cut fruit and dates.

We chatted about the virus, about life, about Tom Hanks and his family, culture, faith, you name it. As we left her today, we left filled with such unexplainable joy and peace. We walked down the sunny street knowing that she felt it too. We are excited for our next visit.

Self-isolating at home with our families or alone, it’s easy to simply forget to engage in moments of deep connection or think that they aren’t possible. That’s why today we’d like to share three ways to connect while social distancing. The invitation is to be super intentional about connection during times of isolation. Be fully bought into to these moments of connection. They can become moments of restoration.

Hugs: No, really. HUG! Give someone a really long hug. Melt in and really enjoy receiving it too.

Video Call: Video conferencing isn’t just for the office. Our friends have been meeting up for Friday night “Happy Hour” on Zoom once we put the littles to bed. Let’s aim to listen. Really listen, make eye contact and hear what our family and friends have to say about what’s important to them.

Play Dress Up: Bring out that inner child or fashionista! Choose a theme and get all dressed up for a day home. It’s amazing what it can do for your mood! May we suggest superheroes for the family or a bit of pattern mixing or bright colors? Don’t forget your Starfish Project jewelry! Send us a picture and we’ll send you a coupon for those moments when you need a little retail therapy.