A Journal: My First Months at Starfish Project

Xi Xi’s* Journal translated into English.

This month our Branch Director sent me Xi Xi’s* journal from her first few months at Starfish Project. After reading her heartfelt entries I asked Xi Xi if I could translate them into English to share with you. To which she answered enthusiastically, “Yes!”

The turning point of my life started on September 1st.

On the afternoon of September 1st, I came to Starfish Project (the Branch office), which is a very loving and warm company. Here I have felt what it means to be loved.

      On the day of my interview, I met with the Branch Director and Production Manager who interviewed me. The interview did not make me feel any pressure. I shared about the specific situation of my previous work and my family. As I shared, they listened to me patiently, they didn't interrupt me– They made me feel respected.

    After the interview, they took me into the workspace. There a group of strangers- cute little fairies worked in the workshop. They were so welcoming and passionate– they made me feel like this company is one big family. This feeling of having a loving and warm family was what drew me in. It made me realize I have never belonged in such a way– and I wanted to feel this belonging.

“This feeling of having a loving and warm family was what drew me in. It made me realize I have never belonged in such a way– and I wanted to feel this belonging.”

Day One:

I started my new job at Starfish Project the next day, and it was a very challenging job for me as someone who has never done handicrafts. However, I have a patient and careful mentor. I began by learning to count beads and learned how to lay out a design. My hands sweat as I learned to thread the beads and my mentor kindly whispered to me, you don't have to worry, take your time. She encouraged me to take breaks, have some water, relax my hands, and soon, with the help of my mentor, I learned to complete my first necklace. I couldn’t believe I was able to do it!

Little did I know, my next design would be even harder! The second piece I learned to make was the Joy Turquoise Starfish Wrap Bracelet. I learned that the beads can not be too loose nor too tight to create the best quality bracelet. As I rushed to learn I pulled the thread too hard and broke it. As I broke it a second time, I began to doubt if I could really do this. My mentor continued to encourage me. I am so grateful my mentor did not give up on me. She taught me real skills that I was able to use again with the very next design. I learned the next one faster and better.

Month One:

I have created more pieces successfully this month. I am thankful to my mentor for teaching me without getting bored. She never gets angry with me and is always patient. She teaches me so carefully.

Month Two:

Another month of hard work.

Time flies, I have already been in the company for the second month. I am still nervous when I make a piece for the first time. Every time I make a tassel my little heart really thumps. During the production time this month, I received help from everyone! All of my creations were up to quality standards– I am really happy. This month I was also lucky to attend the company's retreat to celebrate the branch’s 11th anniversary. I will never forget the fresh mountain air. When we arrived at the retreat there were five surprises prepared by the company. Each room had a different surprise. I was so moved– I have never experienced something so special. (Each thematic room was prepared by the team to express their love and value for each woman through The 5 Love Languages.)

Month Three:    

  Before I knew it, my third month has come, and with it came very happy events. Coco*, the Quality Control Supervisor, has invited me to train as her assistant. What an honor! I will study hard and learn to do this job (Quality Control Supervisor Assitant) really well. I am very grateful to the company for giving me such an opportunity.

2021 was over in a hurry. During my first four months at Starfish Project, I have learned a lot. I have learned work and communication skills, a course on healthy marriage, and I have learned about gratitude. I am so thankful to join this big loving warm family.