Bai’s Story of Hope


1. How did you come to be at Starfish Project?
Outreach team volunteers visited me when I was working in the shops. I am from the northeastern part of my country. It takes 22 hours to get from my hometown to the Starfish Project Headquarters city.

2. What are your job responsibilities at Starfish Project?
I am our Design Quality Control Manager. I inspect our materials as they arrive from the supplier. I also create the blue prints that teach the Production Staff how to make each piece of jewelry. I work closely with Jenny to create the samples of all new designs. I also teach new technical skills to the women in Production.

3. What moment at Starfish is the significant to you, and why?
Everything about my time at Starfish has been significant. This is a hard question to answer. If I had to pick, I would say that counseling times are the most significant since it has helped me in so many areas. The biggest change is the change in my attitude. I am now able to control my emotions and be a better mother.

4. What is one thing you like about living in the Starfish Project shelter?
I now live at home with my husband and daughter. I lived in the shelter for 6 months when I first came to Starfish. When I lived there, I enjoyed cooking with my coworkers.

5. Which steps of vocational training have you completed?

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Additional study: Photoshop classes
  • Additional study: Jewelry Product Photography from Cleland Studios

6. How have you changed since you arrived at Starfish Project?
I can only say one way that I’ve changed? I feel like I have changed so much since coming to Starfish. I’ve worked so hard and made many changes in my life. I guess, I would say that I have matured at Starfish. Previously, I was very immature. Now I am a mature and patient person. My heart and personality have grown very mature in the last nine years.

7. What is your happiest memory at Starfish?
Every year there are so many happy memories. This year, I really enjoyed the retreat out in the mountains with all the headquarters staff. It was a special time to get away, spend it in deep discussion with my friends and coworkers.

8. What would you like our customers to know about you or the company?
Starfish Project is a great company. We pride ourselves on making high quality products that customers enjoy.