End the Waitlist

We asked our Outreach Teams, “What do you want people to know about the waitlist?” And here is what they had to say:

We meet with thousands of women and girls still stuck in exploitation annually. One neighborhood in our Riverside branch, where we go on outreach has over 500 girls and women in the brothels, some of them being young girls. This number in one neighborhood is overwhelming, not to mention the 20+ neighborhoods our teams frequent for outreach. Yet, through your giving our teams consistently visit the women and girls there. We have also had the privilege of training other groups across Asia how to do outreach in their neighborhoods!

Despite the numbers being overwhelmingly high, all of these efforts are having impact! We have 10 brave women ready to escape and begin new lives of freedom! They are ready to hope for a new way of living! In many cases, it can and has taken years for a woman who has been exploited to build trust and confidence in herself to make the brave leap to escape the brothel.

Today, there are 10 women who are ready! You can help us end the waitlist and help make their dream of freedom become a reality! Give to end the waitlist today.