Fashion Revolution Week!

Fashion Revolution Week marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, where over 1,100 factory workers died. Consumers have the chance to ask “Who made my clothes?” or “Who made my jewelry?” Brands can answer with photos of their artisans and workers. Your Starfish Project jewelry is made by the amazing and incredible women at Starfish Project who have previously been trafficked. Formerly exploited women are experiencing freedom, establishing independence, and developing careers because you purchase our jewelry.

Meet Zang! She is 31 years old and was trafficked to a major city in Asia.

Zang does a great job making jewelry as part of our Production Team. She did not attend very much school, and she has one son. She asked our Vocational Training Manager about how to help her son excel in Language Arts. She followed every suggestion, but also studied Language Arts alongside him, even asking him to teach her.

She’s very serious about her studies and tries her best to be a good example to her son.

Zang just joined the Starfish Project family about this time last year, and we are all overjoyed by her lovely personality. Last year, one of our staff hadn’t had breakfast when she arrived at work. Zang cooked eggs for her so she wouldn’t go hungry. Our staff member said, “At that moment, I felt like we are family.”

When you wear Starfish Project jewelry, you’re connected to a real woman who made that jewelry for you.

This is Fan below. Fan is 28 years old. She is the Production Manager in our Headquarters branch, which means she oversees every aspect of jewelry production from sourcing to shipping. She is very diligent, very committed to her work, and very competent.

Last year, we had a huge shipment of jewelry being shipped out. The day before, Fan decided to check over the packing list one more time. Right before the end of the day, she realized a few of the numbers didn’t match her invoice. She stayed overtime and was so happy when it was clear and correct! Her dedication and commitment to Starfish Project was evident in that moment. So many women at Starfish Project help design, produce, label, and literally ship off (in correct boxes with correct numbers!) the jewelry that arrives at your doorstep. Without your support, these women would not be able to develop careers and establish independence in a healthy way.

When you purchase from Starfish Project, you are directly connected to women like Fan who have emerged from human trafficking.

This is Chenny below. She is 26 years old. She will be the first to give you health advice (don’t drink things that are too cold! or too hot! or too fizzy! No soda!) and has excelled on our production team.

Chenny attends math class every week, and of course, math can be very difficult. She used to be very shy and not willing to speak, but now she always raises her hand! She has overcome her fear of answering questions in math class. We are so proud of her!! So many women, through classes, counseling, and just interacting with others in the shelter, really come out of their shells and establish independence. It always brings us to tears when we see these once trafficked girls change into confident, hardworking, and joy-filled women at Starfish Project!

When you shop at Starfish Project, you are one step away from Chenny and women like her who are rebuilding their life. Because of you, Chenny can experience freedom, establish independence, and develop her career.

For Fashion Revolution Week, we are celebrating Zang, Fan, Chenny and other women like them. Check out our Fashion Revolution Sale HERE and shop Starfish Project jewelry to restore hope. You won’t want to miss this sale!! When you purchase our jewelry, you are helping these women write their stories of hope. Thank you for partnering with them!