Finding Moments of Bliss During Quarantine

I can’t tell you exactly when, but at some point the novelty of being home will wear off and the new reality will set in. It might look all doom-and-gloom at first, but I can tell you from experience, it gets much better. You may be surprised that you already have the time and tools you need to thrive. I know I sure was.

In my home, it happened for me first. I was fine one moment and a ball of uncontrollable emotions the next. I had felt the emotion mounting for days and I couldn’t push them down any further. The uncertainty, disappointment and exhaustion from overthinking things I couldn’t change were unavoidable. And so I sat in the kitchen and cried.

Looking back, I am so grateful for this seemingly random moment of breakdown. It was just the inner red flag I needed to remind myself to take care of me. I was so focused on making new rhythms for family and work that I had forgotten to consider my own well-being. Collapsing in front of the TV at the end of the night wasn’t giving me the rest and refreshment I needed. But, I didn’t feel like I had the time and energy for anything else.

So, how do we find the much needed space for ourselves when we are stuck in one house in the midst of the constant roller-coaster of questions during a pandemic? Here’s the good news: we’ve found that the moments of refreshment are actually already there and ours for the taking. A simple reframing of normal tasks or the addition of an easy daily practice can help us build up the resilience we need to find peace and joy during these COVID-19 days. Try some of our favorites below.

Finding Moments of Bliss in the Mundane

Music During the Mundane: We’ve been filling our days with music. It’s amazing how music can transform your mood as you do the endless piles of dishes and laundry! In fact, we’ve created our own Highlights of Hope playlist based on your suggestions! You can listen to it here.

Gratitude: Take a moment every day to close your eyes, slowly breathe, look around you and find 3 things you are grateful for. Gratitude catalyzes joy!

Just Breathe: We like to focus on breathing in peace and joy and breathing out stress and anxiety. It’s incredible how refreshing a few deep breathes before washing your face in the evening can be!

Move: Going for a walk, stretching, joining a free online fitness class or simply dancing around the house are great ways to boost your mood and energy.

Enjoy: Be intentional about sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee or a meal. Really take in the flavors and enjoy the moment.