Introducing the Billie Necklace in Honor of Billie

This year, we gave customers the opportunity to name a piece of jewelry in honor of someone they love. Their stories of love had us in tears, especially this story about Billie! At Starfish Project, we see the power of unconditional love everyday. This story about Tracey and Billie is a testament to the power of unconditional love!

Today we get to introduce the Billie Necklace. The Billie Necklace is named in honor of Billie Wells, by her daughter, Tracey Pryor. Theirs is a beautiful story of a woman choosing to become a mother to someone. In Tracey’s words, “She is my mother in every way that matters. She will tell you she has three children: one by birth, one my marriage, and one by love- me.”

Billie and Tracey

We got to chat with Tracey to hear about why she got this gift to honor Billie.

Why did you want to honor Billie?

I have known Billie since I was a little girl. We “adopted” each other. She is the true epitome of how a mother should love a child.

What makes Billie such a special individual?

Because she loves me because she wants to, not because she has to.

What made you decide to participate in naming a piece of jewelry?

Because I wanted the world to know just how special my mom is to me and how very much I love her.


You can name your own piece of jewelry in our Spring 2018 line.