Introducing the Mali: Celebrating Our First Artisan Partners

At Starfish Project we love sharing and celebrating culture. The women in our headquarter office come from different regions and love to share their dialects, local slang and especially their food! Everyday at lunch you’ll see groups of us huddle around desks discussing the dishes we have prepared and tasting all sorts of delicacies. Many of my co-workers were just as concerned with eating avocado as I was with eating insects. It’s this beautiful diversity that creates our Starfish Project family.

It’s this beautiful diversity that creates our Starfish Project family.

While in Thailand, celebrating the Lunar New Year, we met another diverse group of women coming together to create beautiful garments to support their families and their dreams. It’s with great excitement we introduce you to Starfish Project’s first artisan partners.

Meet Mint

Mint (as in the leaf) is Lisu Burmese. Her beautiful  hand-stitching provides for her family of four as well as her extended family in Myanmar. Due to COVID-19 her husband lost his job at a street side restaurant. Currently her sewing work is their family’s only source of income.

Meet Nung

Nung is from Thailand. She is married with 4 beautiful children. Her sewing provides money that allows her family to foster local hill-tribe children. Her dream is to expand her sewing workshop to provide work for women in her community.

Meet Anne

Anne is Burmese Hill-tribe. She is a kind spirited young single mom to her active five year old son. In addition to cleaning a local school Anne takes on sewing work to provide for herself and her son.

Meet Nali

Nali is Lisu Burmese. Nali lives with and provides for her sister and her adorable baby niece.

We are honored to partner with these incredible women to bring you stunning pieces that celebrate the coming together of cultures! And we know you’ll love to tell their stories as you don your Mali.