After growing up in an abusive situation, June came to work at Starfish Project. Today, June is studying photography and training other women to take jewelry photos! You can help June progress in her photography skills by contributing toward new Starfish Project photography equipment.

Go to starfishproject.com/educateherto help provide June with the equipment she needs!

You can read her full Story of Hope below:

Being a minority and coming from an abusive home as well as being abused by my boyfriend at the time, I was at a very high risk of being trafficked. However, a friend who worked for Starfish introduced me to the company and I have been working here ever since.

I am our product photographer and am currently studying photography. I take nearly all of the product photos that are posted on our website or sent to our customers.

I have built good relationships not only with my coworkers, but also with my teachers and supervisors. One day, our branch director heard me mutter under my breath that I was tired. She suggested that we take a break and the office had a twenty-minute dance party in the middle of our work day. This moment stands out because it shows that my boss cared about my personal well-being and put the needs of her employees over the needs of the business. I enjoyed this spontaneous bonding experience with my coworkers.

My professional and technical skills have greatly improved since I joined Starfish Project. I have really developed my photography skills in the last year. When I started taking pictures, I did not know how to properly use light or edit my pictures. Now, I am being mentored by a professional photographer and my photographs are being used in our marketing materials. I am able to work independently and teach other women in the office how to take good pictures.


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