Ke Li's Story of Hope

As you may know, over the last season, we have helped 28 new women escape desperate situations to experience freedom at Starfish Project! This growth is greater than at any point in our history and has only been possible because of your generosity. We are excited to offer each new woman the opportunity to establish independence and develop a safe, meaningful career through our Holistic Care and Vocational Training Program here at Starfish Project.

Just last month, three incredible survivor leaders in our program pooled together their resources to help a woman they knew from their previous years in the brothels get out of jail and away from her trafficker. Together they paid $8,700 to rescue their friend, Ke Li.

Ke Li started working in the brothel when she was 16 years old. She has been exploited for ten years. She was trafficked by a boss and sent to different places based on customer requests– This is even more dangerous than brothels. Her boss put her in high-risk situations, and she was arrested multiple times. Previously her trafficker paid her bail to get her out, which put her into deep debt with him. After the last lockdown, she was arrested again, and her boss decided to leave her sitting in jail. We were incredibly touched that the women in our program were so willing to sacrifice themselves to help another woman get out of this situation. All three of these women have been with Starfish Project for several years. One has earned her college degree at Starfish Project, and the other two are currently studying accounting. Through their incredible sacrifice, we can see how much they believe in the opportunities at Starfish Project.

Ke Li is excited to join our Marketing Team in photography and design, and needs a computer and camera to begin her journey of training, and career development. There are more women just like Ke Li. Would you help us equip and resource these brave new women for their life-transforming training?

We have a generous donor who has committed to doubling every donation up to $25,000 through May 24, 2023. That means when you give today, every dollar will be DOUBLED! Help us provide life-transforming training and career development for Ke Li and many other women like her today! Every dollar makes a difference!