Moms, You Do It All

What an incredible season to celebrate moms. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, there is no doubt that mothers can do it all.

Today my 6 year old son called to me in the kitchen asking for a glass of water. This is quite normal in our house as the little people are not allowed to leave the table during meal time. What was unusual was how he asked.

He said, “Waitress, please bring me a glass of water.” I wasn’t sure if I should be angry or laugh, so as I delivered his water with all the enthusiasm of a 5 star wait staff, I asked why he had called me waitress.

Completely innocent he replied, “You bring the food to the table just like a waitress and you cook the food like a chef too.” And he’s right, most of the time I do.

So as Mother’s Day rolls around, we want to say a great big thank you and bravo to all the other waitresses, chefs, teachers, plumbers, party planners, barbers, counselors, nurses, fort building experts, stylists, coaches, and photographers called mom. This gig isn’t an easy one, especially during a pandemic, yet it’s still my favorite. And I’m sure most days (no judgement here) all the moms, strong female role models, grandmas and great-grandmas would say the same.

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