Rhythms of Rest

It has been an exciting and exhausting time here at Starfish Project. If you follow the blog, you’ll know that in the past 6 weeks we’ve had the privilege of helping 9 women escape exploitation and start a new life at Starfish Project. That is a record-breaking number – in our 16-year history, we have never had so many women ready to join Starfish Project all at one time! Additionally, our team rallied to survive a month-long lockdown where we were locked out of our offices and worked from Jenny, the Starfish Project Founder's dining room table. Our Riverside Branch has survived two such lockouts this year as well. So, I think you’ll understand when I say, we are so happy and so tired. And I’m sure you can absolutely relate.

"Our dreams are coming true – women we have poured into for years are now experiencing freedom!"

Our dreams are coming true – women we have poured into for years are now experiencing freedom! (One woman we began relationship building with 5 years ago!) Survivor leaders are at the helm of new departments, more survivor leaders are training new women in life-changing career development opportunities all throughout this rocky terrain of a global pandemic. It’s exciting AND exhausting, there’s just no way around it. So therein lies the question, how can we teach our team of new leaders (and ourselves, if I’m being honest) good rhythms of rest and self-care during busy times like these?  

"It’s exciting AND exhausting, there’s just no way around it."

As with most things that are significant for our health and wellbeing, we’ve found the key is to do what you can with the time that you have. Here are a few rest and recentering activities our team will be trying out over the next few weeks. We’d love to invite you to join us! Let’s rest, renew and keep partnering to change the world by restoring hope to even more women and girls!

If you only have 5 minutes:

Get Moving

YinLing on our Holistic Care Team does a few minutes of movement before she heads out the door every day. May we suggest a quick round of jumping jacks to get the blood flowing or maybe a quick dance video online?

Take a Lap

How do many of our Instastories get filmed? That’s right, a little lap around the office to see what everyone is up to. A quick lap around the office or house is not only a nice change of atmosphere, it's fun to pop in on those you don’t naturally see through the day.

Listen to a Fun Song

It’s not always possible to get up and walk around (here’s to you, morning commute), but you can put on a feel-good tune and really meditate on the words. Got an extra minute? Send the song to a friend to brighten her day, too.

If you have 15 minutes:

Make a To-Do List

Hear me out here, writing out the tasks that need to be completed over the next couple of hours can leave you feeling more organized and energized even!

Practice a Grounding Exercise

We love the five senses exercise. Look around and ask yourself: What are five things that I see? What are four things that I can smell? What are three things that I hear? What are two things that I taste? And what’s one thing that I feel? This mind-body connection can be recharging and is especially helpful in a high-stress situation.

Head Outdoors

Head outside for some fresh air, sunlight, and a couple of good long deep breaths. That little bit of moment and a dose of vitamin D will go a long way to re-energize and refresh for the second half of your day.

If you have a whole hour:

Get a Massage

A massage is a favorite for almost everyone here at Starfish Project. Total relaxation and maybe even a nap!

Dive into a Story

Curl up with a good book (near a window for some natural sunlight) and blissfully slip into an exciting new world. A whole hour of intentional reading will not only help you meet your reading goal, but it’s also a great way to get your mind off lingering tasks and should-dos.

Turn Off Your Phone

Power off, yes for the full hour, and immerse yourself in a task – baking a cake, coffee with a friend, or even cleaning out a workspace or closet (your future self will thank you).

"Let’s rest, renew and keep partnering to change the world by restoring hope to even more women and girls!"

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