Sneak Peak Inside Starfish Project Office!

Ever wonder what the Starfish Project office actually looks like?! Here is a peak inside the office where the Starfish Project women and girls design and create the beautiful jewelry you purchase and wear! We love sharing these women’s stories with you guys, and we love sharing the work they do. The opportunity these women have to work and learn are direct ways they are experiencing freedom through Starfish Project. With your partnership in purchasing jewelry, you are providing hope and opportunity for these women!

Each woman has her own tool box, which she can design however she wishes! This is where they store all their essentials for producing jewelry. We love how creative they get with their tool boxes, and especially with the jewelry they produce!

Our mission is to develop hope for the future through critical schooling and vocational programs. Here is a sneak peak into the educational aspect of Starfish Project where women are trained to become accountants, graphic designers, managers, photographers and more! Women also receive vocational training while they are at Starfish Project.

This is where the Starfish Project women are working every day to design and produce the beautiful jewelry you purchase and wear! When you purchase Starfish Project jewelry, you are providing opportunities for these women to experience freedom, establish indpendence and develop careers. Thank you for partnering with us!


The women’s faces are not pictured in order to protect the women we work with and the sensitivity of the issue of exploitation.