In my whole life, I have never attended school. When I was little, my parents forbade me from going to school because they thought it was a waste of time and money for girls to be educated. They only allowed my brothers to go to school. When every semester started, I remember clearly that seeing the other kids go to school would always make me so sad; I could do nothing but hide myself and cry. Whenever I was free, I would stand at the gate of the school trying to listen to what the teacher was saying. I admired those students. I hoped I could learn things like them one day.

Now, I realize that my dreams have come true. I never thought I would have the chance to study, especially for a woman at my age. Ever since I joined Starfish Project I have been learning how to write and read in my own language through the classes they provide. I am even studying English and computers. I am so happy that I can finally be able to learn as a student from my amazing teachers at Starfish Project.

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