Location: Goshen, Indiana (this is not a remote position)

Hours: Full Time, Ongoing

8am-5pm Monday to Friday, with increased flexibility needed during November and December

Reports to: US Director

Contact: Tracie Fountain


Company Overview:

Starfish Project is an international social enterprise that is working to restore hope to exploited women. A team from around the world has come together to develop an innovative jewelry company that provides sustainable employment and holistic care for women who are starting a new life. Starfish Project provides women with the opportunity to learn business skills that they can practically use as they are promoted up through the company.

The Goshen, Indiana Distribution Center plays a key role in this work by distributing products to our customers and ensuring both our wholesale and retail customers receive outstanding customer service. Starfish Project is committed to sales growth as it allows us to continually increase the number of women we can enable to leave exploitation. Therefore, our Distribution Center in Goshen is a dynamic place - continually changing and expanding to meet this growth.

Position Overview:

Starfish Project is seeking a hands-on leader to become our Distribution Center Manager. This practical and systematic thinker will lead our Shipping Coordinator and volunteer team to oversee the transition of our US office into a Distribution Center, putting robust operations processes in place to handle significant increases in the number of orders it receives year on year. This person will enjoy problem solving and view growth and change as a welcome challenge. The Distribution Center Manager will be responsible for implementing key upgrades in the way orders are managed and will be ready to handle significant increases in the complexity and scale of orders we receive.

This role has two key objectives:

  1. Support growth at Starfish Project by improving our distribution systems to handle significant increases in orders. This will help Starfish Project grow in sales and hire more women out of exploitation.
  2. Lead and manage a team to make sure all orders are shipped out to customers to ensure they receive packages in a timely manner with maximum satisfaction. This includes personally preparing orders and working with the Shipping Coordinator to help recruit extra volunteers at key times.

Distribution Center Manager Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate, plan, and execute the distribution of Starfish Project jewelry, focusing on the recipient having a positive experience that will lead to future purchases
  • Lead the Distribution Center Team efficiently to fulfill all incoming orders within 3 days of the orders being placed
  • Work with the Customer Service Representative to resolve any customer service queries, such as receiving returns and sending replacement orders
  • Ensure accuracy in the fulfillment of customer orders, as per the expectations given to them at the point of sale
  • Check that incoming inventory and quality matches the purchase orders, and communicate necessary adjustments to the relevant team members
  • Upload inventory numbers to our online software to ensure accurate inventory numbers are kept
  • Maintain an orderly and effective Distribution Center
  • Implement innovations in our customers’ experiences at Starfish Project, as directed by the US Director and Asia-based Marketing Team
  • Practically help fulfill orders to fulfill customer demand, and model hands-on leadership to the Distribution Center Team
  • Liaise with USPS, UPS, and any other shipping or postage suppliers to ensure efficiency and consistency in our order fulfillment chain
  • Keep clear and accurate inventory numbers of boxes, packaging, and other shipping supplies at the Distribution Center, making sure we have ample amounts of supplies on hand to fulfill the order process  
  • Enhance our systems in keeping inventory numbers of products, boxes, packaging and other supplies relating to fulfilling orders
  • Work with the Shipping Coordinator to recruit and train any new volunteers to support the work of the Distribution Center and the mission of Starfish Project
  • Work closely with the US Director and work virtually with relevant staff in our Asia offices when necessary
  • Be flexible to adjust working schedules and systems for periods of extraordinary order intake - especially during November and December each year

Training and Support Available

  • Part time Shipping Coordinator and a loyal team of volunteers
  • Weekly team building and support meetings with the wider US team, led by the US Director
  • Ongoing one-on-one support by the US Director for any interpersonal issues and leadership development
  • Practical advice, facilities, and technical support available through Stair Supplies, a company friendly to Starfish Project where our Distribution Center is located
  • Customer service staff to handle incoming questions and concerns

Distribution Center Manager Requirements:

  • A “can-do” and positive attitude toward growth and change.
  • Proven experience at managing teams to fulfill operations tasks on a deadline
  • Proven organizational, and problem-solving skills
  • A hands-on approach and willingness to do the physical work needed to fulfill orders each day
  • The ability to work in a fast-paced environment and manage others to meet targets
  • Experience of working in a Distribution Center or similar environment

Bonus Skills and Experience

  • Leadership experience in operations
  • Experience with the USPS, UPS and shipping logistics
  • Experience with Shopify, Shipstation, QuickBooks and Google Drive
  • Strong links with the local Goshen community to recruit volunteers
  • Customer service and/or e-commerce experience

Apply to work at Starfish Project:

Please send a cover letter and resumé to careers@starfishproject.com