Our Purpose

At Starfish Project, we help exploited women and girls experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers.


Every week, we visit brothels and invite women and girls to experience freedom from their lives in the sex industry.


We equip exploited women and girls with the tools they need to build an independent life through our holistic care programs and life skills training.


We provide specialized vocational training to help the women develop careers in fields such as design, photography and accounting.

Fay's Story of Hope

Fay Today

Today, not only is Fay the Accounting Assistant at our headquarters office, she also teaches accounting and math as part of our vocational training program to other women who are escaping exploitation. She plays an important role in the running of our day-to-day financial operations, and is an inspiration to other women in our program.

We are incredibly proud of Fay and all that she has accomplished. Her story of hope is a source of encouragement for everyone to dream about what is possible for their lives!

Your Purchases help more women like Fay Experience Freedom!

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