Our Team

Our Starfish Project family is a diverse collection of incredibly brave women (and one courageous man) from all backgrounds and education levels. Each is using her unique giftings to create beautiful jewelry and life changing opportunities.

Photography Team

Every beautiful photo on our website was taken by our amazing photographers, Mae Lee and June, who have completed our training program and developed their careers at Starfish Project.

HR & Admin Team

Our HR team is the most diverse, company wide. You’ll often find one offering a listening ear in the counseling room and another going up and down in the elevator, like Ning, as she learns to complete an amazing array of tasks that keep Starfish running.

Finance Team

We are extremely proud of our Accounting Assistants, Fay and Zongying. After experiencing freedom at Starfish Project, they have worked tirelessly to earn their accounting certification and now teach classes in our training programs!

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