Your Ethical Purchase

100% of your purchase is invested into our social mission to help trafficked and exploited women experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers. Thank you for investing with us!

Your Purchase will be from a Fair Trade Company

We are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation.

Your Purchase will be Sustainable

We choose ionic plating which is better for the environment and creates a product that will last.

Your Purchase will Release Empowerment

Women at Starfish Project will empower themselves by developing their careers at Starfish Project.

Starfish Project Values


Growth is an essential aspect of Starfish Project. We believe that through accomplishing professional, relational and emotional goals, both big and small, that we gain a sense of value and achievement. We strive to provide the women of Starfish Project with opportunities to live out of their strengths and work on areas of growth.


At Starfish Project, we strive to foster an environment of authenticity. We seek to build relationships built on trust, humility, and kindness. We believe that people are responsible for their own growth, yet we choose to walk alongside each other to encourage, challenge and build one another up.


Celebrating and respecting the uniqueness and value of every individual is foundational to Starfish Project. We are determined to support one another in all situations; celebrate each other’s accomplishments; and appreciate the gifts, talents and culture each person brings to Starfish Project.


At Starfish Project, we do everything to the best of our ability and strive for excellence in every area. We recognize that each individual and department has a key role in the success and growth of Starfish Project.

Our values and passion for social impact are at the heart of who we are. They are woven into every aspect of our organization and every stage of the process as we bring you outstanding fair trade fashion.