“Do women move on from Starfish Project?”

Recently, on Instagram, you asked us, “Do women move on from Starfish Project?” The answer is yes!

We want every woman who goes through our program to be able to make choices about her own life. Will she stay and develop a career in photography, accounting, or website management here at Starfish Project, or use the skills she has learned in our program to start a whole new career? The choice is hers!

Yet, many survivors have been controlled by their traffickers, family members, boyfriends, and friends for most of their lives. To establish independence, she needs to have a safe place to gain the resources, skills, and confidence to live on her own and discover her dreams for her future. Through your support and jewelry purchases, you help her do just that!

Here is Sun Sun’s Story:

Sun Sun began experiencing freedom at Starfish Project about a year and a half ago. As with every woman who joins us, she started on the jewelry production line. She took literacy, math, and computer evaluations in her first weeks to determine her levels and was then placed in classes. Literacy and math are vital components of independence. When a woman arrives at Starfish Project, she may be unable to read or write in her language. Many of our women did not stay in school past second grade because their families thought educating girls was a waste of resources. Women are always eager (although a bit nervous) to join computer classes, and Sun Sun was no different. Sun Sun’s fiancee was working in a computer repair shop, and she was eager to grow in computer knowledge alongside him.

“After six months in her new role and 18 months in the program, Sun Sun has gained the confidence and computer skills she needs to begin a new career outside of Starfish Project!”

Sun Sun’s confidence grew, and she applied for the Assistant to Production Manager position. This new role pushed Sun Sun to focus on learning Microsoft Excel. After six months in her new role and 18 months in the program, Sun Sun has gained the confidence and computer skills needed to begin a new career outside of Starfish Project!

Sun Sun and her fiancee have opened their own computer repair company! She excitedly shared with us, “Because I learned excel at Starfish Project, I can now do basic company expenses for our business.” As Sun Sun left to begin a new life of freedom, she shared, “Starfish has helped my family and I feel more safe and secure. The computer skills and emotional management will give me more choices in my future career.” Join us in celebrating Sun Sun’s incredible journey to freedom and independence at Starfish Project and beyond!

On her last day at Starfish Project, Sun Sun left a special message for you, our customers. “Thank you for your purchases that allow us to have more learning opportunities.”

Your jewelry purchases can and do literally transform lives! Thank you!

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