TAO: My Story of Hope

Tao grew up living with her parents, older brother and grandmother. Her grandma and father preferred boys over girls, and the only person in her family that valued Tao was her mother. Tao received a middle school education, and then had to leave school to find a job. For several years Tao worked in a factory before meeting a man who would become her boyfriend. Tao’s boyfriend physically abused her, even when she was 8 months pregnant. After their baby was born, the abuse did not stop, so she left and moved to another city. After arriving in the city, Tao struggled to find a stable job and provide for herself, which resulted in her working in a massage parlor.

One day members of Starfish Project’s outreach teams met Tao and offered her a job making jewelry. She decided to experience freedom and joined the production team at the Riverside Branch. Since arriving at Starfish Project, Tao has gotten married and had a son! Today, Tao is attending parenting workshops and is learning how to raise a child, communicate well with her husband and handle conflict in a healthy manner. Tao always has a smile on her face when she talks about her family.

Check out Tao’s favorite jewelry that she helped create!